C6: Some silent notes after switching from HALionOne to HSSE

I have a MIDI track played by a HALionOne instrument, everything works fine. I switch to a HALion Sonic SE instrument and it plays normally until a certain point after which the track goes silent. All notes to the left of that point play normally, all notes to the right are silent. They are also silent when selecting them.

When HSSE plays these silent notes, the small volume meter (to the right of the track in the project window) reacts as if the notes were played.

I can add new notes after that point (or anywhere else) and they will play normally. So this is clearly a note-related issue rather than a time-related one.

I can move the silent notes anywhere else and they’re still silent. I can delete/move the notes that play and nothing changes with the notes that don’t.

I can copy/paste the silent notes to other tracks, and still any HSSE instrument won’t play them. HALionOne instruments play them no problem.

I can export the track with the silent notes to MIDI, re-import the MIDI file, copy the notes into the HSSE track, and they are still silent.

There is nothing special about these notes at all. They don’t have any modified attributes like velocity.

Curiously, the last note that plays and the first note that doesn’t play start at the same time, though this is likely a coincidence.

I believe this was a Cubase 5 project that I converted to the Cubase 6 format, although I’m not 100% certain about this.

What is going on and how can I fix it?

Maybe you have a midi volume message in there but it should work on both synths.

Have a look at it in list view around the time where it happens.

I don’t. The MIDI volume hypothesis also goes contrary to several of the observations I listed.

I’ve uploaded a project file that’s reduced to the part where the silent notes begin. If someone could take a look at it that would be much appreciated. I left one HALionOne instrument and one HSSE instrument in there for debugging; all the long notes and the last of the short notes are silent when played with HSSE.