C6 - SPL EQ Ranger & Vitalizer VST3 Crash


anyone using SPL VST 3.0 Vitalizer an deq ranger ? They crash C6 on my installation. Experiences ?
I wrote to spl this afternoon - we’ll see.


SPL wrote back fast. The issue seems to be a software bug. A progammer will have a look.
We’ll see.


Any news about this?

I’m having the same problem (see this topic: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=10348&p=68321#p68321)

I mailed SPL too, but the weekend is coming…

Is there anybody using C6, W7 and vitalizer MK2 with ilok ?
SPLs answer is: no SPL problem but ilok - c6 problem.
I guess it’s an vitalizer/c6/ilok problem and i tried different ways.
When i install free ranger (no ilok) all is ok. When i install vitalizer with ilok cubase 6.02
crashes with kernel error.
There are no trial licences on my ilok - help !


I’m using SPL’s Vitalizer MK2 (iLok) with C6.0.2 (and Wavelab 7.11) on WinXP SP3 without problems.


Figured it out. It was the UAC of W7 which caused a kernel crash when loading vitalizer which wanted to access the ilok. Turned UAC off and all is ok.