C6 upgrade price increase???

Last time I checked (January) the update from C5 to C6 was $149.99

Now it is $199.99

What happened?

Hard times… Cubase 6.5 is around the corner with a bunch of new features.
But you can still find it for 150 usd here and there :

The discount ended.

I’m not aware there ever was a discount. The upgrade has been $149 since C6’s introduction. Nor do I recall an announcement about the new price. I find a 33.33% increase hefty enough to warrant a heads-up.

Due to the high demand Steinberg extends the upgrade offer for Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 until January 31, 2012. For three more months all users of Cubase LE 4/5, Cubase AI 4/5, Cubase SX/SL 1/2/3, Sequel 2, Cubase Essential 4/5 and Cubase Elements 6 can upgrade to Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 at a special price.


And you may notice split, that the upgrade from C5 is not mentioned here, which is what the OP is on about… Just saying…

Exactly. The upgrade from C5 (and 4) full version has been $149.99 from day one, never any mention of limited time offer only. Then they kick the price up, without any prior announcement or reason given. Of course, it’s their product and they can do what they like with it, but it sucks 'cos I was gonna upgrade this or next month. Had I known, I would have bought it last month.

A heads-up would have been nice.

If you use the search function you can find a thread here about it…

I got an email warning that the price was going to increase. Steinberg increased the upgrade from $150 to $200 before the end of January, despite their “promise” that they were going to wait until Jan 31st. So I immediately went to Amazon where I had bookmarked the upgrade and bought it. Saved $50, I suppose.

And someone said in a review on Amazon that they lost access to Cubase 4. I still can run Cubase 4, even though it doesn’t appear on the eLicenser. Cool.

Well the point remains, the price was an offer and that has now ended.

Today´s new price: $199.99 (199,- Euros)


A bad joke?
ok. so, I’m assuming that in forthcoming updates are many many great features. Otherwise we have a big problem.


I don’t see any problem whatsoever. I upgraded more than a year ago for € 149,- and that offer lasted for a year. So now it’s the regular price, € 199,- again. The joke, if any, to me is that € 199,- is not quite 199,- in the real world. It's 262,- actually: lucky US buyers…

No problem. Just don’t buy it. Or do they drag the money out of your wallet? :mrgreen:

“I was robbed at DAWpoint your honor, guv, sir.” :mrgreen:

And if memory serves they extended that offer way past it’s original deadline.

I bought the upgrade from C4 in December (not installed yet) because I read a post on the forum saying the price was going to go up - or, as it was put, the discount was going to end - I didn’t know the existing price had been called a discount. I’ve been running the forum search to try to find the post the relevant thread, but I haven’t been able to.

I’ve always thought the prices of sequences and sequencer upgrades were the biggest bargains in the world-after all, you’re talking about the brains of your STUDIO here.

That said, gotta admire the testicles-Steinberg raising prices on an upgrade in the face of Logic being $199 for the entire PROGRAM, and downloadable to boot. That takes big round globes of steel!