C6 used in Music Video "I Grew Up On Gospel"

Hi Gang,

Jeanie and I finished filming our first Music Video together. It’s called “I Grew Up On Gospel”. The music tracks were all finalized in C6. I mostly used loops. The piano track is midi however mapped through HAlion. And the resonator guitars as well as the vocals are real and recorded in the studio.

The music video turned out great. Filmed in a small town called Tavares, Florida. Site of other films such as “True Grit” and “O Brother Where For Art Thou”.

I think you’ll love the video. Enjoy.

Joey Daddario

excellent job on the mix and the video…thoroughly enjoyed it. hope to see more of this

Yeah I agree, sounds and looks really good, nice work.

Ferencz & Strophoid,

Thanks so much for taking the time to watch our new video and to reply here with such kind words. I really appreciate it.

Joey Daddario