C6 VariAudio - Flatten >> Formant Correction? (page 292)

Hi - Page 292 reads that if the audio has been transposed, the flatten menu will include a “Formant Correction” option.

But my drop down menu doesn’t, as a matter of fact it doesn’t look like the figure on that page at all - there is only “Realtime” as an option (no MPEX options like in the picture).

Is the manual wrong, or instead am I missing something obvious?

Used on a vocal line, moved up 3 half steps.

Thanks -

You can choose another algo in the upper right of the audio editor.
Problem is that you cannot process them in the inspector.
It only gives you the realtime algo. Use bounce selection to file instead.

Thanks, No1DaBeats. I’ve been doing your bounce to file, but after reading that bit on page 292 I got excited and thought there was a way to preserve formants w/ VariAudio.

Not 100% sure what you are saying, so just to confirm - no way to pitch shift in VA while preserving formants, right?

My understanding was that VariAudio is designed to preserve formants anyway. Using it forces the event/s to ‘solo’ mode which has no formant treatment options like in MPEX.

Do a test: transpose some vocals some seminotes up via the infoline. Take the same piece of audio and pitch it up using VariAudio. You’ll easily hear what VariAudio does or does not to the formants compared to standard pitching.