C6 VST instruments

Hello Friends,

I’ve just installed C6 updating version and I’ve found some problems with VST instruments.
Embracer and Monologue, which I used a lot with C5, don’t appear in included VST Instruments list anymore.
Is it possible? In Plug-in reference they are as available (Cubase only), but I can’t use or even see them.

Anyone can help me?

José Hall

Rescan your plugins from the plugins panel, that might be all you need.

There’s no Embracer and Monologue anymore in C6

There is the neat thing called “Search” at the top of the forum. Typing Embracer or Monologue would return a thread with a link to

https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/kn … ducts.html

Check the VSTBlacklist.xml file

I would think that it is far more likely he is on a MAC and the plugs aren’t supported on his OS version.

Yes, I’m on a Mac. Now I understand the reason why the plugs are not supported.
Thanks, fellows

They will work on a Mac in 32bit mode, if that’s acceptable. The issue is that they won’t run in 64bit on a Mac, which is quite lame.