C6+Win7+uad2+Intel-i* WORKING and STABLE setups. POST HERE!

Hi everyone!

Please don’t start any debates.

I think that it could always be very useful as a reference for those (like me) who would like to build a custom PC.

UAD-2 and cubase has been, for a long time, very unstable.
It is stable now?

…Even if you don’t have UAD’s, It could be VERY appreciated and useful to many of us…

Only post your WORKING and STABLE setups here.

You can use this form, so it will make the comparaison easier…

  • Cubase 6 version:
  • Windows 7 version:
  • Win 32 or 64bits:
  • UAD-2 version:
  • Processor:
  • Motherboard (Brand and model):
  • Video card (Brand and model):
  • Ram (Brand and model):
  • HDD ((Brand and model):

Thanks to everyone!

Well it is all working for me.
I have both UAD1 x2 and a UAD solo working absolutely fine.
However I had a new DAW built for me at Millennium music /Music-pc.com and they set them up for me together with BFD2. Lee the technical guy set up BFD2 with J Bridge v3 and that works too.

I can’t get M-Tron Pro to work as a VST
Or Cakewalk’s Dimension Pro and the flaming support won’t contact me.
They are the only plugs I have had an issue with.
I was very pleasantly surprised.
Lee at Millennium has been excellent.

Cubase 6 version 2.0.2

  • Windows 7 version Pro
  • Win 64bits:
  • UAD-2 version: as above
  • Processor: Core i7 970 3.2ghz 6 core
  • Motherboard (Brand and model):Asus P6X58D-E I7 skt1366
  • Video card (Brand and model): Nvidia EN210 Silent 512MB
  • Ram (Brand and model): 4gb ddr3 1333 single
  • HDD ((Brand and model): 1TB Serial ATA 7200RPM 32MB Cache x3
  • SoundCard: RME FireFace UC USB 2

This has always been stable for me. 3UAD-1s and two UAD-2s. Intel Core2 quad, Asus board, W7, Fireface800, 4Gigs RAM, no problems. Good luck, but you should be able to get it all working just fine. :slight_smile:

MIn has been rather stable for months

  • Cubase 6 version:32
  • Windows 7 version: premium 64
  • Win 32 or 64bits:64
  • UAD-2 version:no
  • Processor: quad core 2.5 ghz
  • Motherboard (Brand and model): gigabyte ma785 something
  • Video card (Brand and model): onboard 4850 radeon
  • Ram (Brand and model): kingston 8 gigs
  • HDD ((Brand and model): 2 wd black
  • Cubase 6 version: 6.02 (both 32bit & 64bit)
  • Windows 7 version: Professional (SP1)
  • Win 32 or 64bits: 64bit
  • UAD-2 version: UAD-2 Duo
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 920
  • Motherboard (Brand and model): Asus P6T (X58 chipset)
  • Video card (Brand and model): Sapphire Radeon HD 3450 256MB (with drivers from the original CD)
  • Ram (Brand and model): Kingston DDR3 1600MHz 2x3GB (Dual)
  • HDD (Brand and model): Western Digital VelociRaptor 150 GB

I have had this DAW for years (C6+UAD just recently). Cubase works like a charm.

Also, don’t forget the importance of having a professional power supply and extra cooling.