C6 with iLok and plugin not working

C6 crashes when allocating ilok for spl vitalizer. spl fixed out that it is a problem of ilok and c6 cause when using the dfree ranger without ilok it works. So anyone having a problem with c6 and ilok software/driver of course in combination with eLicenser cause without eLicenser no c6. I installed 6.02 but crash too. Already deinstalled ilok software, turned dongle out, in, reinstall, but not solved the problem. I have the latest drivers.

no problem here with ilok 2 (relab lx480/slate vcc/sonnox)

No probs here with ilok and c6. Using a mac though, where less problems are the norm :slight_smile:

No problems here with iLok and C6 neither, using PC though (Mac is really not needed these days in order to have a stable system)