C7.03 issue - Ghost in the machine. Is MIDI cached?

A most peculiar new problem here since installing 7.03… I have a MIDI tracks in a current project that seem to ‘remember’ notes that I have either just muted or previously deleted but seemingly ignores that fact and plays them regardless :question: E.g. I am currently looking at a blank MIDI track having just deleted ALL notes, performed a MIDI reset but hearing every note that WAS there still playing back. :confused:

Similarly another track also plays back where there is even no longer even any MIDI part present - a part that was in fact deleted in a previous session, perhaps last week sometime. After a bit of fiddling, in attempt to figure out what is going on, that track now plays back a whole bunch of out of tune garbage that doesn’t even remotely resemble in anyway the actual notes I see in the MIDI editor.

Shutting down and restarting has cleared the issue on one of the tracks but I still have MIDI playback occurring on the other where the parts have been completely removed! Fiddling around with the parts that ARE actually present invariably results in a trasnposition/out-of-tune problem and the playback of ‘ghost’ notes :confused: :exclamation: :question:

Anyone else?

Oh dear… just rolled-back to 7.02 and the issues still exist :neutral_face:

Ian, drag the MIDI parts to a new track and see what happens. Trash Prefs may help.

Trashing prefs didn’t do it, nor did copying to a new track unfortunately… One thing I did do was I exported the MIDI track and interestingly when re-imported it reveals ALL the ‘ghosted’ notes I’m hearing .i.e. all the previous takes, muted notes, deleted parts etc etc… :neutral_face:

Not copy, drag. If there are more than one part stacked on top of one another it will behave as you say. What’s the record selection on ythe transport?

Ok… seems to be to do with the chord track :blush: If I mute that all weirdness disappears. Not sure I understand why though? Chord track defaults to “Use Monitored Tracks” but if no tracks are monitored and the ‘audition’ button is off why should it be generating input on the selected MIDI track?

Hi Ian,

I played around a little with the Chord track and have found it to produce some spooky effects as you’ve discovered… its not so well documented and I’ve yet to clearly understand just how its intended to work… Perhaps I’ve missed the instructions fully or not spent enough time with it, but I believe it has great potential, but I think it like other things 7 are somewhat buggy so far.

Take care

Hi Sherz, yes, I’ve experienced the same problem with a ghost note playing on an empty part of the track…

see my post https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=181&t=36263