C7.5 and Vienna Ensemble Pro crash!!

Using C7.5 64 bit on PC Windows 7, RME 9652 PCIe card with SSL XLogic interface. All software are up to date.

On C7.5 my template has 3 instance of surround reverb loaded; I link up three computers together running four instances of VEP ( 3x64, 1x32 ), generally running 20 outputs from each VEP ( I do soundtrack scoring so a lot of outputs and most VEP are quite heavily loaded ). After I loaded the template, the program would run in error if I try to load an extra effect ( the loaded effect black out ), but if I disable the VEP, the effect would load OK, then I can switch the VEP back on. If I go to monitor control and try to add a monitor set, program crash again. If I quit the song, the whole program would quit as if in a crash condition.

This would never happen on C6 so I am still using C6 for my work at the moment, C7.5 is so unreliable I don’t think it is fit for professional work yet.

I have many more VE PRO’s running then you do in an extremely large template with nothing unusual happening. I am not adding effects on a regular basis or adding a monitor set…not sure what you mean by that…but all works ok here. I also am not running surround so perhaps that might be the difference.

I think surround maybe the issue here. When I add or delete a monitor set in the VST connection page, or insert an effect, it would crash the program.