C7.5 - does unloading from the strip lower computer load?

Hi - I’m getting my new rig in the next few weeks, currently use 6.5. I’m doing some thinking on how I’ll set up my templates in 7.5.2, and was wondering about the channel strip.

I have a few plug-ins that I occasionally might want to use instead of the ones in the strip. I was wondering - does turning off/not enabling the comp/eq in the strip lower computer load?

Maybe it’ll just be academic and my new rig won’t be stressed out, but I’ve gotten so used to looking at ways to minimize computer load with my current system that I’m still thinking that way.


If it’s an i7 rig or later or equivalent, I wouldn’t worry too much about stressing your machine out under typical compositional / studio usage. I think you’ll be rather pleased.


i5 should be fine.

Just for a test to see how many tracks including active strip plugins my machine (i7) could handle I copied fully loaded channels over and over again. Think to remember it really stopped somewhere at 1600. The machine was slow/Cubase sluggy with that much channels but basically functional. With a more common amount of tracks (50 - 150 maybe) you should have plenty of headroom :wink: