c7.5 is absolutely ROCK SOLID

Halion 5 with all 16 outputs being used .
Ga4 se with 12 outputs being used .
Padshop pro with the 4 instances being used .
Alchemy with 2 instances being used .
Uad plugin’s .
Camel plugin’s .
External fx x 2 .
External instruments x 8
AUTOMAP 7.0.3beta



Since I was given the information how to stop Cubase crashing on exit I have not had one problem with C7.5 , you can all hate me for saying this but on my workstation this has to be the most stable Cubase ive ever used ! FACT .

im over the moon .

Don’t turn this into one of your moaning whinging threads .This is a feel good thread for systems that are running correctly .

Well well well!!

I thought it was only me that wasnt having any 7.5 issues!

Rock solid here with great performance and sparkling results.

This is such a fantastic quality DAW in every area that I use it in, including VST Connect SE!

Thanks Steinberg!!

Jim B

just what I want to hear!!! lets give steinberg credit where credit is due… yep +1

No problems here.

Same here.
(on Mac)

I’ve been using 7.5 without issues and am a very happy camper!

No Problem here, too!

Glad to hear im not the only one as I would hate to think of myself as a fanboy but it’s good to give credit where credit is due .
Considering the code for Cubase is just under 30 years old it’s remarkable how Steinberg can continue to build on this code and bring us something that potentially is the most powerful , reliable , ground breaking DAW software on the planet . After SX3 I was very sceptical of Yamaha’s involvement in Steinberg but as things are progressing the partnership at the moment and doesn’t seem to bad , lets see what happens in the next thirty years :wink:

Good work Steinberg , see there are actually users with stable systems , it’s just a shame hardly any of these happy campers come to the forum to show their appreciation .


I don’t think there is as much building as there is removing and recreating, which is a positive because it shows that the development is ongoing.

There are though many complaints around bugs that really should be resolved in this product cycle but personally I am on the fence and will weigh my options once 7.07 is out.

cubase code is 30 years old?? really? i thought SX was a rewrite, or at least partial rewrite?

Rock solid !

+1, no problems running: Virtual Guitarist 2, BFD3, Halion 5, IK Multimedia custom shop (T-Racks & Amplitube - almost everything they have), CC121 controller, MR816x and focusrite pro 26 IO. :mrgreen:

To quote Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas, “Steady as a f…n’ rock!” here as well. It’s amazing. Thanks, Steinberg!

Not one crash here!!! :smiley:

C 7.5 is amazing! Very stable! Today the mail man delivered my CMC-TP and as soon as I installed the drivers and connected it via USB, it worked seamlessly. NO ISSUES AT ALL. Can’t wait to buy a few more of the of CMC units.

The only two features I want in an update are:

  1. The ability to undo in the Mixconsole.
  2. Being able to rearrange the channels in the Mixconsole.

Cubase 7.5 is awesome.

Jono not Bono

Rock solid here too, despite Win 8.1 not being officially supported by Steinberg (works great, don’t be afraid to take the plunge.)

Still rock solid here
With other versions of Cubase ive always had problems with recording 8 tracks of external instruments simultaneously but not with c7.5 recording an 8 track patch of Doepfer is a breeze now ,so it’s not only the setup ive been using in my OP but it’s also very stable for me as a living recording multitrack for the first time since sx3 :wink:

Plasuma, I deleted your posts, evidently posted to disrupt the thread.
You can post your points in a proper thread in the issues forum or in another thread dealing with problems the users are facing. You actually posted the same exact things elsewhere.


Alright, but then where should I be posting those sorts of things?

I’m here to make a point, not make a stink.


you can post in the Issues Forum.

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