C7.5 Issues Solution

Don’t use Prefs, templates or projects from C7.0.xxx in C7.5.

Seriously, it’s been reported with every release that these cause issues with new releases. Why wouldn’t you 1) Finish older projects in the version they were started in and 2) Set up everything from scratch when upgrading?


That would be nice, but the problem is 7.5 is grabbing files from your 7.0.x prefs for some people.

That’s why you delete the contents of the SB C7.5 App Data/ Library folder and set it up from scratch. :wink:


Yes I am aware of that, but for some people including me I found that 7.5 was overlooking building new pref and just grabbing from my 7.0.x prefs.

and it only applys to people that have had issues with c7.0.x Neil

No it doesn’t, Richard. :wink:


I didn’t have any problems with 7.0.x

tell me what problems im having then neil with my version of c7.5 after using my c7.0.x preferences ?

Hey clown, you wouldn’t be so brave face to face, I guarantee it. :laughing:

is that a threat Neil ?

I asked you a question for which you can’t answer , come on then tell me what problems im having because im not doing what you say ?

Awfully brave behind mommy’s computer screen, aren’t you?

still no answer then Neil ?

Just opened up and loaded a 6.5 project perfectly ,no problem with my c7.0.6 preferences , so I would say to users , try your own preferences first and as a last resort try Neils way :wink:

I’m all three billy goats, troll. Tell mom I’ll be there Sat. for the usual, Richard. :wink:

such a lovely chap you are.

Steinberg sort this trash out

You’re the troll. What have you contributed constructively to this thread?

Did you ask mom to fight all of your playground battles too? Bet you did. :laughing:

I along with others have told you that the preferences from a solid running c7.0.6 are working as your statement says “DON’T” use , so we have told you they do work , whats trolling in that then Neil ? .

Play coy all you want. We both know the real deal.

Copied the preferences over here and don’t see any issues other than with myself being like a kid locked in a sweet shop :slight_smile:

Yeah, ,multi coloured ones at that, very tasty to :slight_smile: