C7 and Halion symphonic orchestra


I climbed from cubase 5 all up to cubase7 now.
During the cubase 5 time I used the offer to buy HSO for €99,-
On my old cumputer I saw HSO in Halion sonic SE so I could use it easily.
Now I bought a new PC and I installed first C7 and after that HSO.
Now in Halion sonic SE I don’t see the instrument HSO anymore.
When I use the HSO player in C7, it doesn’t regoconize the samples.
When I use it as a stand alone It does.
What can I do?
The best option for me would be, that Halion sonic SE would recognize HSO and Palys the samples that I ant it to play.

Thank you for your answer in advance

The Halion Symphonic Orchestra sound sets for Halion sonic SE should be on the HSE Install disc, and since you bought the Cubase 5 HSO Version, you also have the license to use them. Halion Sonic SE can not load the HSO files directly.

When I try to install, the HSO through the Cubase 7 disc, it asks for the HSO disk.
Unfortunately it is not present in my cubase pakage, which contains 3 discs:

cubase 7
Halion sonic SE content
additional trial versions.

Is one disc missing, or did I not see somthing that should be on one of those discs?

Thank you for your answer

Checked once again:
I received the HSO soundbanks for HalionSonic SE on a separate disc with Cubase 6.5 as trial version. Since I had also bought the HSO with Cubase 5 , I can use the Halion sonic Se version unlimited.

You can load the soundbanks via the Multi program rack (see image)
The soundbanks themsleves are labeled
So 26 soundfiles in total.

Finally I solved the problem by installing the HSO disc that was delivered with C6, but I think it should have been there in C7 as well.
Or was it missing because I had an update from C6.5?
So they did not need to include that disc because it was already in the pakage of C6?
I don’t know, but I would have been glad if they tell that kind of stuff…