C7 crash dumps sent to SB -19 days later ... Contact!

ZZZZZZZZZZ glad I have 6.5 loaded ,this is shocking support
crush dumps sent on 29th of last month and still no reply . OK Steinberg I can take the hint

We have received the following email. Depending on the amount of support inquiries, a reply can take longer than 48 hours. Thank you for your patience!

On 29.03.2013 at 13:04 the following request was send:

Country: United Kingdom
Firstname: john
Phone: 0140

Product: Cubase 7 (77B6E)
Version number: 7.0.3

Platform: PC
OS: Windows 7 64
CPU/Computer model: Intel Core i5
eLCC / LCC: eLicenser Control Center (eLCC)
Clock speed: 3.3khz 2500k
RAM (GB): 16
Audio Hardware/Driver version: muto ultralite /
MIDI Interface/Driver version: motu ultralite/

Subject: system keeps crashing since updating to c7 .0.3

im having crashes in a regular basis with 7.0.3 and ive never had crashes before

here are the dumps
could you tell me what they mean

Your Steinberg Support team.

Maybe they didn’t reach you under 0140 ?

Hi @ all,

unfortunately the email from filterfreak was in a wrong folder/inbox.
I have now ensured, that a colleague will respond today.

I am really sorry for that filterfreak, please excuse this misbehavior.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,


Bredo’s right helge but thanks for the reply and ive now have had a reply from Guillermo Navarrete.
Thank you Marcus for sorting this out for me .
Just for info the crashes that I had on day one of loading .3 seem to be UAD related but weather it is a Uad or Steinberg issue one will never know as I have not had these crashes since but I still get the “program has stopped working” message on exit every time and this is after trashing the preferences .
Im going to wright this one down as a bad experience as im building a new daw this weekend and will see what happens with 7.3 after . :wink:

cheers for sorting this out Marcus ,helge and Guillermo

Hi filterfreak,

you are welcome…and sorry for the delay…