C7 good and bad news

Good and bad reaction to Cubase 7 so far. Love some of the new features though the mixer will take some getting used to. Still baffled as to why Steinberg doesn’t make better use of multiple monitors, though perhaps there is a trick I have missed somewhere. Hope so, because I still waste half my time trying to navigate windows.
The bad news is that C7 has crashed on me several times. Worse, the audio recording kept cutting out in a project with just three instrument and two audio tracks – hardly a heavy load for a four-core processor. Problem solved by switching off the new ASIO Guard.
Documentation says ASIO Guard can’t be used with real-time dependent signals, without explaining what these are. Surely all music (well, most music) is time dependent. All I know is that C6, without ASIO Guard, did not have this problem. So what is the point of the guard?