C7: How do I Save All Mixer Settings?

In every version of Cubase I can remember, starting with CSX, I was able to right-click in the Mixer window and select “Save All Mixer Settings”, which would export all the channel settings, including inserts and sends, fader position, etc., to a VMX file.

How does one do this in C7? It’s not an option when I right-click in the mixer window.

Yup, it’s a problem… a big one.


This is terrible. Back to 6.5 for me. Sad, because I like a lot of the new stuff in C7.

Like many others in the mega-thread, it’s a critical workflow thing for me; I need the ability to save an entire mix, sends and inserts included, and apply it to another project. When you’re mixing a rehearsal session, which is many songs using the same project template, it’s critical to be able to do this.

Also, Bredo and Emotive, please step away from the keyboard and go mix some music. Who in their right mind posts that much on the Steinberg forums???

Unfortunately, I think I’m going back to 6.5 as well. I like some things about C7, but not yet.