C7 is great BUT where is Embracer & Monologue?

So i tested out C7 for the first time… all great here on my system BUT where is my “Embracer & Monologue” from 6.5? Did Steinberg dump them or is it me and i just can’t find them? Will these work in C7 if i drag the dll files across from 6.5?


If you ditched the above 2 synths then please put them back i use these in all my tracks and for sound design. Anyways i love C7 and the new mixer, chord track.



Oh nice… never mind i copied the dll files of “Embracer and Monologue” over to C7 vst and the 2 of them work perrrrfect.



Yes this worked for me too. just copy the C6 Embracer files over to the same relative folders in C7. Thanks for the tip.