C7 or K9?

It’s that time of the year when I get to make one decent purchase for myself.

Cubase 7 or Komplete 9? I currently have Cubase 6.5.2 and Komplete 8. But I’d love to have the new mixer if nothing else as well as Battery 4 + Session Strings (new additions to K9).


Session Strings comes with Komplete 8, you should already have it.

K9 is mostly about Battery, Monark and that upright piano I believe?

I don’t believe so. I have K8 and don’t have Session Strings.
Personally, I am not that excited about K9 OR C7. If you aren’t really itching for any of the new features/instruments, it seems more cost effective to skip a version (especially true for the Komplete series).

It doesn’t come with K8.

And I normally am not a fan of upgrading every cycle. But I’m a huge fan of Battery, so the upgrade from 3 to 4 makes sense since it supposedly has a number of new features. And I’m not great at arranging strings especially for pop tunes so Session Strings seems like a no-brainer.

The standalone upgrade for Battery is $99. The K8->K9 upgrade is $149.

Still, that’s $149 I could use for other things like buying that ukelele and buying Tom a beer or 6 for offering to give me that Mandolin.

neither, be content…

The new mixer in C7 is cool, but hardly a compelling a reason to upgrade. Having Komplete would be a great addition to any setup, IMO

Yeah but I have K8.

I think I’ll buy neither. The upgrade pricing for K9 is for users of K2-K8 so I should get the same deal when K10 comes out.

Despite my minimal use in studio recording, that is how I found my way from cubase SL 2 to Cubase 7 over the last 9 years. I always felt that if I had not upgraded, the cost to do so in the future could be prohibitive. Then again if you add up the costs to C4’ C5, C6 and C7 upgrades, that’s a decent amount of money…my 94 year old dad says " when in doubt, do nothing"

Youre right, Session Strings is not part of the boxed content of Komplete 8. I just checked how I got it.During a Komplete 8 promotion in August ,N.I. Gave Sessions Strings, The Razor and The Mouth for a bonus when Komplete 8 was purchased. That’s why I thought of it as a part of K8

I ended up buying a nice ukelele with a PZM pickup and 2 band “EQ” (not really EQ with only 2 bands) and some Auralex soffits for my monitors. It was all I could do to not buy half of Sam Ash. But when their next “18 months same as cash” deal comes along I will be back to buy more gear.

Larry, you already make great music… so this is just all icing… so, whatcha gonna do with the Uke to impress us? :laughing: :confused: :open_mouth: :wink:

My 5th year anniversary is this Friday. I’m writing a Jason Mraz like song for the uke that I’m going to record and post on my wife’s Wall on Friday. :smiley: I’ll even wear a hat like he does when I record the vocals. :laughing:

You got a YouTube channel??? Hint hint! :laughing:

Much better purchase!

Song is coming along nicely albeit slowly. My 4 year old has been sick all week so it’s been slow going with her needing her Daddy all of the time.

The song is taking a reggae slant but may come out sounding somewhat ska-ish since I intend to add some horn punctuation. (The current idea is to use a muted trumpet so who knows what this will ultimately sound like.) The bass, drums, organ, and (of course) uke are done. I haven’t started the lyrics yet, but it’s a short song so I’m not terribly concerned.

I really wanted to record a video outside tomorrow with me playing all of the parts a la Phil Collins or Paul McCartney’s videos (some of them at least) but I doubt I’ll get time for that with all of the work that needs to be done before Friday. The wife has Fridays off so that puts a bit of pressure on me to get this completed.

Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Wish you the best getting it done Larry. This is a great plan and kind of like the theme of a great love story movie. You are both lucky. Would love to hear her reaction.

Heh. We’re going out to dinner on Saturday to celebrate. My original plan was to sneak the uke in the trunk of the car and serenade her with the song in front of the entire restaurant.

But she absolutely hates surprises; thinks I’m a dork when I do stuff like that; and is Sicilian. That’s a potent combination that should be avoided if one values their life. :laughing:

So I’ll settle for posting it on my FB wall and tagging her. :smiley:

OMG hahahaha…

Watch this video then read my thoughts below:


My wife was a classical theater major (read: she was a waitress) and is still in touch with a lot of her friends from college including one very well known regional director, Lauren. I could ask Lauren for access to a costume for a dialog that goes something like this:

Waiter: Sir? Can I help you with something?
Me: Yes please. Can you get me the item I asked for?
[Shuffles off]
Waiter: [bringing someone else dressed in some medieval garb] Here he is sir.
Me: Eh? What’s this?
Person: I’m a Duke.
Me: I didn’t ask for a Duke!
Waiter: I’m sorry. I’ll be right back.
[Shuffles off]
Waiter: [bringing some salad vegetables] I’ve brought your cucumber.
Me: Ugh. I didn’t ask for those either. What’s your name?
Waiter: I’m Luke.
Me: Look, Luke. I don’t want a Duke. And I don’t want a cuke. And in a moment I’m not going to want a Luke either.
Waiter: Is this it perhaps?
Me: Ah! My uke!

[Serenading commences]

Song is up.