C7 Stereo Enhancer good or bad?

Can some explain how the C7 Stereo Enhancer tries to achieve it’s ‘enhancement’?

I was sending 3 channels, one hard left, one hard right, one centred to a stereo group channel and was fiddling with a few VST’s on the group channel and found the Stereo Enhancer definitely lessened the width. I’m guessing it tried to split/spread the centre channel which may have reduced the perception of width for the hard L/R channels, but it also seemed to bleed the hard R/L channels to the opposite side.

It almost felt like it was summing the stereo channel to mono, then trying to spread/delay/colour the signal. Especially since it allows you to turn the width to ‘0’. I thought that setting would essentially be a completely dry effect. Nope, it just monos everything (just like clicking the ‘mono’ button).

Then I figured I really didn’t understand how it worked in the first place.

Enlighten me please, oh wise ones!

Not sure how it works, but this is one of the Cubase ‘in-house’ tools that I love.

It’s actually very effective.

But yeah I don’t think there’s any modulating component inside, are you thinking more ADT?

Auto delay tracking, or something like a Roland Dimension D, or even hass delays on each side…

If you’re already 100% wide, at that point you can only create perceptive width from there. I’m thinking you’re getting some nulling, but I’m curious as well.

I’ve only used it previously to sweeten a mixdowned track and I also found it to work quite well. This time I was really just experimenting with C7 and trying learn a few more of it’s intricacies!

I’m starting to think the mastery of the VST is in some form of phase manipulation (as well as possible delay, summing, spreading ect).

Or it’s just magic!

Just found this article: Stereo Enhancement: how does it work, and is more better?