C7/Win8/RME Babyface performance?

I am using a new system and just wondering what to expect performance wise and if i can optimise etc. I have ran 25 instances of halion Sonic SE and made 8 bars of random, the patch is ‘first contact’. I notice that the minimum usable buffer with no max outs is 256, any less and it crackles/pops. Without playing any instruments my vst performance window both average/current hover at about 12%. Buffer set at 48 can glitch when using one instance of halion sonic. Is this the sort of expected performance from a system such as mine (quickly updating my signature info…Any feedback appreciated :slight_smile:. ( With 25 tracks of Halion SE with 8 bars of random the VST performance hovers around 75% )

Cannot figure how to update signature setup so until i do…Hp Laptop dv7 3630qm, 16gb ram, Win8, C7, Korg Microkey, Spectrasonics vsts (curretly uninstalled).

could I ask why you have gone the 25 instances route of hsse instead of one instance with multiouts ?

Would have been quicker indeed, A little unfamiliar with Cubase 7 at present after a break from music production.

Are you using the Rme driver ?
Have you disabled Bluetooth and wifi on the laptop ?

Hi, Im using the latest RME Driver and odviously selected so in Cubase. Hav’nt dessabled Bluetooth or lan yet as i need to install furthur vst’s and need the online licenses etc but will do soon.

wifi and Bluetooth it’s a known cause of glitching on certain laptops and you may also need to make a custom power plan for when your using you DAW software , other than that your laptop should be able to pretty well with Cubase

Thank you for you’re help. I have already set up a performance plan and will dissable lan/Bluetooth asap. So would you say my vst performance bar is acting about right for my system/setup?

I don’t know the specifics of your system, but I also have an HP Pavilion Laptop. i5 1st gen… 8gb RAM, 7200RPM drive. Babyface.

Easily works with buffer down to 128 with Kontakt 5, Omnisphere and C7 and perhaps 20 tracks of audio. I’ve never bothered with artificial tests like you’ve got there but I can pretty much assure you that the Babyface is not the issue. Perhaps my ‘load’ isn’t sufficient for your needs.

Bluetooth for me is not a problem.

That said, all HPs come with a boatload of crapware… most of it from HP itself, including thumbprint ID sensor, services to periodically ‘update’ your computer by phoning HP and so on. Your first move is to identify and turn off all those non-essential services.

I don’t use WIn8 so I can’t be more specific, but there should be something like SysInternals you can use to identify all the running stuff and show what they do. Basically, I removed anything that was didn’t look completely necessary from Startup and I was good to go.



That is reassuring to know thanks. Its early days so im just gonna install the Spectrasonics stuff and see what the laptop can handle in the,‘real world’. I guess i was hoping for better performance than i have seen already, But like you say i have more bundled garbage to remove and maybe some more optimization to do. A typical load for me will be maybe 15 tracks of midi and whatever vocals/instruments i record, Based on that im sure i will be ok but like i say i was hoping for more power and to just forget about what the laptop can handle, Thats a few years away odviously.

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