C8.0.2- Cannot delete VST Plugin Paths

So I installed 8.0.2 and I think I have discovered a small glitch:

I was browsing through my plugins and realised that some were behaving erratically.

Then I realised I was trying to run a 32bit plugin in my 64 bit C8.

After some research I found that C8.0.2 introduced the location Program Files/VST Plugins to its list.
My correct location is Steinberg/VST Plugins.

So I tried to remove this location as I don’t use it.

While I can do this in Plugin Manager whenever I relaunch Cubase it always adds it back again! There is no way to get rid of it unless I go and manually remove the folder so that even if it’s there in the Plugin Manager there is nothing to read.

Can you please confirm if you have this problem before I post it in the Issues forum?


Not sure why this path got added if not existing before but the fact it can’t be changed suggests a write permissions problem with your preferences folder.

Sorry can’t check if anything got broken with the update as not home today.


This problem still exists, anyone know a way to fix it?

Have you checked the folder’s write permissions as Grim mentioned?

Regards :sunglasses:

Actually this does appear to be a bug (or an odd design decision)…as far as I can see it’s not possible to delete the path Program Files/vstplugins from plugin manager.

I doubt there is any way to fix it…the workaround is obviously to not install 32bit plugs to this folder or not use it at all.

I have the same stupid problem on windows 7.
That caused me a lot of trouble until I found it out, as in that folder where my 32bit plugins and the j-bridged files in the right folder.

The 32-bit plug-ins should be installed under “Program Files(x86)/…”, not “Program Files/…”, which can be removed via the Plug-In Manager.

My 32 Files are there (x86) and that is the the path I can not remove. To be exact: I can remove it, but after restart of Cubase the path is there again.

Well yes it makes sense to keep 32 it plugs with 32bit applications but clearly not everyone got the memo :wink:

If you have installed 32bit plugs to this folder you should be fine just creating another folder and moving the contents manually…or even just renaming this folder to something else.
Programs will need to rescan them but there’s no need to re-install (not tested with every plug available but in many years of manually shifting plugs around I’ve never had a problem.)

OK, that is weird. I deleted mine and it stayed deleted just fine. Has your DAW come into any contact with zombies?

Grim’s advice to move or rename is the most pragmatic solution. Still something odd is happening here. I wonder (suspect) if the paths are saved in an XML file (not at my DAW to check). If so editing it out might fix things.

This problem is really old actually. Cubase 5 had it, probably even 4. I don’t like it, I want to be in control and define folders like I want.