C8.5 multiple mix consoles & monitor bug?

Windows 7 64 bit Cubase 8.5 64 bit

Could anyone using 2 or more video monitors please confirm. I use 4, but I think the same will happen with just 2.

  1. open mix console 1 in a monitor.
  2. open mix console 2 in a second monitor.
  3. link monitor 1 to monitor 2
  4. in the project page load up a VST that uses many audio outputs such as Kontakt, TT Superior, or EZ Drummer.
  5. once loaded, check activate outputs and then check “all outputs.” Make sure you have enough outputs so some of them are now showing up in monitor 2 since you have previously linked them.

At this point everything should look normal. Just make sure both mix consoles contain audio channels that were created by checking “all outputs.”

Now here is where the trouble starts.

  1. delete your VST. All the output channels should vanish, and you should have mostly 2 blank mix consoles unless some midi tracks, fx, or in/output channels remain.
  2. add the same VST or any other VST again. Keep mix consoles linked. Check “all outputs” in the rack

Now in mix console 2, track numbers and track names have vanished! Mix console 1 is fine, but nothing in mix console 2.

The “workaround.”

  1. close mix console 2
  2. re-open mix console 2
    Now the track numbers and track names are back again.

Could anyone else please verify this?