c8.5 pro to c10 pro initial observations

don’t like the color changes. i am all for a fairly dark gui, but the c10 gui is a bit too contrasty, making it somehow harder on the eyes. in particular the text is pretty much all bright bright white, whereas in c8.5 it was all off white making it more comfortable over long hours. selected track in the project window is too bright against the dark gui. again was more subtle and muted in c8.5.

new variaudio workflow is great, as is mixer undo (new to me), mixer snapshots.

having a volume handle for automation events in automation lanes is all very well, but there is no way to incrementally move or nudge it. you just have to try and do a delicate mouse move. its not empirical or repeatable or accurate enough. which means i’m back to just selecting the points in the lane then adjusting on the info line with mouse wheel. if i’m missing how to do this do please tell me!

all the drop down menus are now dark text on light background that doesn’t follow your windows theme settings. c8.5 menus followed theme settings which for me was dark background off white text. they also seem quite lo-res.

GUI color is such a hot-topic for each upgrade, it’s beyond me why SB can’t implement optional “color theme” preferences for those of us who want to stick with a consistent GUI appearance.

Anyway, thanks for the review. I will be upgrading to C10 after my current project. Looking forward to new features and plugs but was wondering about the GUI.

my thoughts on the GUI have improved somewhat by adjusting the colors in the preferences. but most text is still too garishly white tho, and the “in focus” line around the sections. and the menu drop downs are horrible. inexplicable really. still variaudio upgrade is very nice. and mixer undo and snapshots.

Just my first observations here with Cubase 10. I have been going all throughout the GUI trying to find the overly bright-white /garish text,and any other mentioned irritants-- but for whatever reason,Cubase 10 looks really good to me on my monitors. Placing 9.5 next to 10 and comparing each,makes 9.5 look dull and tired to my eyes. I especially like the way the tool bar icons now change to black,when clicked, which matches the track name changing to black ,when clicked.9.5 just meekly gave the tool icons an off white box–no bold contrast as in Cubase 10.
The drop down menus look about the same to me—again,a little better contrast with 10.Anyways,both versions look good–unless I havent uncovered something yet.