C8.5 score displays unused sections of midi parts

C8.5, W7 64bit.

  • create a project
  • record a midi part with some notes in it of course
  • chop off the right hand end of the part by dragging the right hand handle (eg to remove the bit where you went wrong)
  • open score editor and all is fine - shows only the beginning section as desired
  • duplicate the part to create two copies one following the other (Ctrl K,1,enter) - alternatively record a new section starting from the end of the first (this is typically how you would record a midi part section by section)
  • open the score editor for the whole track
  • Voilà the notes you cut off from the original part are visible on the score (and are of course in parallel with the duplicated part)

The only ways I can find to eliminate these rejected bits from the score are either to glue the parts together (not always what you want to do when composing) or to re-extend the midi part, cut and delete. I end up duplicating the track and gluing to create a track especially for printing. Every edit redo the dupe and glue. If scoring is your bag then I can tell you this is a pain!!

Cheers from sunny France

Yes, confirmed that this is the action. I have mentioned this before and IIRC it was generally decided that that’s the way its supposed to works Makes no sense to me though. There should at least be a setting to turn their display ON/OFF.

Here’s a use case - I’ve just been through an intense process of transcribing some music into a piano part. This is something I do for shows when I have to play the parts on a single keyboard. I say intense because it’s hard, focussed and boring work, I like to get it done efficiently and quickly. Part of this means playing the parts in on a keyboard and other parts mean duplicating sections. Consider the usual ABAC section which gets played again later in the song, but is changed to ABAD. This is where I really would prefer to be able to move the end of the midi part to chop off the last C and then add another part with the D section. This is the way I work to get MIDI working, but of course it doesn’t work for the score when I’m reading it, so it’s a right pain to have to remember to chop and delete - which is another couple of clicks extra, and thus slows me down, very tedious when you’re doing this work solidly for 20 hours. I can also go back and extend the part to get the C section back later too, another reason for doing it.