C8.5: score: Layout events not showing for moved chords

C8.5: Alright whenever chords are moved within page score edit they are moved on the chord track also. (not very handy if you’d ask me.) We can use the layout tool to work around this, but this screws up non-page mode score editing.

Also : showing the chords on a staff and moving them with the layout tool does that layout move globally for each and every staff you’re showing them on. Horrible in most situations.

Now, suppose I would want to delete the layout actions for some or all chords I would expect the layout actions to show up when the tick box “layout tool” is checked on the info bar, this would enable the showing of layout events to be able to easily delete those layout actions. For moved chords however the layout events don’t even appear (my guess is because chords are not really a part of the midi staff you’re showing them on). How to undo all the moves and have a clean start?

This is all a bit painful. Who thought of this? Do you have people thinking about usability before going live?