C8 ARTIST + HD500X LINE 6 ... serious Asio driver problem ?

Hi everyone

Since i bought & install Cubase 8 artist problems have start to appear !
It was not the case with 7.5 …
I have start a v7.5 project through v8 with the audio interface ( HD500X ) Line 6.

In the line midi/audio device it have : driver format with the sound control panel
It’s where you select the audio quality ex: 44-48 hz,16/24 bits ect…
it said : inactive ?
& my project return to AsioAll or generic low latency asio ect … i can’t fix that !
It’s like that the HD500X asio driver disappear ?!
Anyone have notice something like that ?

Is it serious at the point that puts my project in peril … In VST Audio system (in V8) which Asio driver can make the case while waiting a fix without degrading the quality?

I do not know if Cubase 8 come with Asio driver included, is that the case ?, because I have an other Asio driver installed, it called : AsioALL made by Michael Teppach !, Do i have to uninstalled it ?

Thank you all