C8 Freezes at 100% mixdown

Subject says it all. Doesn’t happen on all sessions. This C8 has been so inconsistent. Rock solid one day, and then random issues the next. SMH. Think im gonna end going back to 7.5 til the next update.

I’m with ya! Haven’t seen that issue yet. Does the mixdown complete, i.e., Is the file fully complete and listenable?

Weird thing is that it does complete and i can pkay it but when i try to burn the song on a cd, cd creator says its an invalid file. So i open the session and re-export it and it and it exports with no issues.


Also happening to me. I’m running Cubase 8.0.0 Build 397 (64bit) on Windows 7.

As my project grown, at one moment I couldn’t do the audio mixdown (into .wav) anymore.

The mixdown dialog pops up, does its thing and goes to 100% (in a few minutes time), however it freezes the app there.

The .wav file is created, but isn’t playable.

I tried to export a shorter part of the song; this time I got the .wav (without freezing the app), however some tracks were missing (and the message about VST Bridge popped up, and later there was no VST sound, so restart was needed).

Could you Steinberg guys look at this? Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Here are some errors that I got when the app did not completely freeze:

from what im reading it would seem the trouble is connected to a 32bit plug. try jbridge and see if same issues.

Agreed. Definitely sounds like a plug-in issue.

Regards :sunglasses:

latest Cubase, mixdown window freezes (progressbar stuck, cancel button dead), but mixdown is running in background, produces wavs that have sometimes intermittent dropouts (short silence in some instruments, very annoying, I do not know if this is related with this stuck). 64bit, no bridge, plugins - nothing exceptional, UAD card.