C8 Mixconsole fullscreen on second screen issue !

Hi guys,

i’m having this issue with C8 ( 8.0.20 ) sometimes freezing ( mac rainbow wheel, although audio is still rolling ) when i put the Mixconsole on a second screen…Doesn’t matter if its fullscreen or windowed. Worth mentioning that if i turn off the second monitor when it hangs, Cubase unfreezes and everything’s back to normal !
I’m on an Imac with Yosemite, second monitor is a full HD tv…This thing doesn’t happen with any other software.
Anybody came across this issue before ?
Thanks so much guys !

Upgraded to 8.5 and El Capitan…still the same problem. So i would definitely say its a graphical issue but its not like i can change the video drivers in mac os…Nobody with similar issues ? :frowning:

I’m having an issue to but my setup is not freezing,I’m getting fader flashes and graphics issues on the second monitor.when I move the mix console on just one monitor its very smooth. This doesn’t happen in logic X. So I’m guessing it’s a cubase issue