C9.5.21 sample editor range highlight is black

Hi, anyone reproduce this?
For an audio file in project window, go to sample editor then use range tool to select a section of waveform. Instead of highlighting the section it is simply black. It is also greyed out in the overview display. Consequently you cannot see the section of waveform that you want to edit/process.
I tried this in 9.0.40 and it highlights ok.

This seems to be working fine here. Have you tried testing it with a new project?

Yes, I tried with a new empty project. Same behaviour.
Imported an audio file to a sampler track and any range selection highlights just fine.

This is what I am getting: See Screenshot.

As I said it highlights the range just fine in C9.0.40.
I have tried trashing preferences but no luck there.
Everything functions ok - just can’t see anything!
Any ideas?? Don’t want to re-install if I can help it.
Just let me know if it is a bug, anyone at Steiny? I can live with it until next update.

Try running Cubase in Safe Start Mode:

If this helps, your Cubase preferences might have become corrupted and you’ll have to delete them. Just run Cubase in Safe Start Mode again and it will give you the option to delete your preferences.

It’s Windows 10 and Intel HD 3000.

There are couple of threads about this and similar graphic related issues in latest version of Cubase and Halion.

I doubt you can do much about it unless you are able to try different graphics card.

Thanks for the input guys. Steinberg [Gerrit] has already logged my thread about Halion 6.1. I am thinking that misohoza might be right about this issue with C9.5.21. I don’t know if it is possible for Romantique to bring this to the attention of Steinberg [Matthias in this forum?] - it is not your problem, sir, so maybe I should just put in a ticket myself.
I do not want to be responsible for another programmer dying! - but I would have thought that if the issue does not happen with C9.0.40 then the fix should be possible - but, hey, what do I know?!