C9.5.3 after new windows 10 update doesn't start maximized

After new windows 10 update:

C9.5.3 main window dont start maximized with the gray background. Happens when i restart cubase and when i start a new project. No biggie, just annoying. Can someone confirm?

Mine opens in whatever state it is closed. Check your icon properties under the “Shortcut” tab “Run” choice. Mine is set to “Normal Window”. Maybe that has something to do with it? Good luck. :wink:

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Good suggestion thank you, but no luck. Tried normal window and maximized window but nothing works. Still opens without the gray background. It keeps forgetting the last state it was closed in.

Same thing here, the desktop always shows, not a problem but a little annoying.

I’m not at my PC so I can’t check if this has anything to do with it but… in preferences, my setting for “open projects in last saved state” is set to “always”.

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Hi guys, i have sent a support request to Steinberg.

Saw a few other users having the exact same problem. Pretty sure It’s related to new Windows Update.

Thanks for taking the time trying to help me👍


Right-click on the Cubase icon at the top left of the Windows screen en choose maximize


Tried that no luck. I can ofcourse maximize the Window, but it goes back to normal (not maximized) when i close project or restart Cubase.


See attachment
full screen.png

Thank you for the suggestion delta, unfortunately it still goes back to normal window size (not maximized) when i close a project or restart Cubase.