C9.5 CRASH when saving - Tempo Track - Time format

Here’s a weird issue, involving earlier versions, tempo track and time format display setup.

Please do this:

1- Open C9, create an empty project
2- Create a Tempo Track, export it and close C9
3- Open C9.5, create an empty project
4- Create a Tempo Track and import the one you just exported before. Don’t bother about both versions v1 & v2, track can be activated or not, never mind.
5- IMPORTANT: set the main time format (left in transport panel) to “Bars+Beats” (‘♩’). secondary format (right in panel) to "Timecode (‘TC’)
6- Save. Everything should be ok.
7- IMPORTANT: Now reverse the display, main left time format to “Timecode”, secondary to “Bars+Beats” (see attached picture below)
8- Save. This leads to a crash here 10 times on 10.

Actually, any C9 project I open in C9.5 will crash if I save it with ‘TC’ as main time format and ‘♩’ as secondary one. Any other time format setting will work, but ‘TC / ♩’ will dramatically crash. The resulting presumed saved file is named with -01 at the end, and is a 0ko invalid file.

Please have a look to the video:

I noticed 4 users who encountered this issue here so I’m not the only one, please see these threads :


W7 SP1
Asus Z9PE-D8 WS board
Xeon E5-2650v2, 32Go RAM (similar VEpro/Nuendo slave machine with 64Go RAM)
RME HDSPe Madi, Madi 648
Nanosync HD master clock
Yamaha DM2k remote/M-Audio midisport 2x2/TranzPort/ZeRO SL MkII/CC121

Is it a duplicate?

Hi Martin,

It is more like a sum-up. This issue is described in different ways. It can be the TC time format, or opening a C9 project or importing a tempo track as well. Actually it’s all that together and maybe more, I spent three whole days investigating and more to come I fear…

So I tried to gather what I and four other users found in one thread to go forward. The 3 threads relative to this issue are the links I mentioned in my post.

This issue is a very serious one as we face a huge question for the future : if ever we can’t figure it out and nothing solves the issue in future updates/versions, it means we’ll never be able to work safely on projects created prior to C9.5 (up to 2017) anymore without being stuck to C9. Or risking to loose hours of work. I’m considering this very seriously, never encountered such a dramatic issue since I’m working with Cubase/Nuendo (14 years).

Something changed in C9.5, it has to see with tempo track and TC time format and the way it worked in earlier versions. I’ll have more tests in the next days to try to figure it out.

If ever some users could try the short test I mentioned in my post, it would be very helpful as this issue might not happen for everyone. Thanks!


Passed over to Steinberg. Duplicate post is here.