Could some please make this test :

1- Open a C9 (not C9.5) project in C9.5.

2- Switch timeline display to “Timecode”

3- Save the project (under a different name for safety)

Is everything fine for you ? I can’t here. It inevitably causes Cubase to crash, project is non-valid then. If ever I first go back to timeline “Bars+Beats” display and save, everything’s ok…

Please have a look to the following video:

Crash video capture

Thanks for the help!

Ok, it seems like the issue is solved.

Within all I tried, I updated the Yamaha-Steinberg USB driver to the last available update on the Yamaha ProAudio site, the update is dated june 2017. No change.

I just saw the very last one (december 2017) is availabale (and not on the Yamaha site…):

So don’t hesitate to update if ever you encounter C9.5 crashes !

And shame on Yamaha for not being uptodate for their products :-/