C9.5 Cue Sends.

Does C9.5 have more then 4 cue sends?

No chris, not yet…!

As an aside, I’d love to see them propagate the names we define for the Cue Sends (seen in Control Room and the VST Connections box) through to the Edit Channel settings window and the Inspector panel.

They actually DO show up in the mixer though, so there is that… nearly there… :wink:

Hi Puma,

Good suggestions. Seems obvious.

I am actually on Nuendo and ‘more cue sends’ have been promised for the N8 life cycle, but with all of the bugs (particularly in the last two major releases), and delays between Cubase and Nuendo releases, who knows when or even if it will happen.

If Cubase gets more cue sends first and if I can occassionally write audio to video, I will seriously consider moving to Cubase. (I am a composer/performer and actually do very little video stuff)

I’m tired of the Nuendo stress.