C9.5 midi color "chord track" bug

It’s a weird but.

When I enter a “major” scale in the chord track, in the midi editor the “chord track” colors are fine ( screen

But if I set it to be a minor scale, any midi notes will be red (out of scale), even the “key” of the scale lol (screen


Hope it’s going to be fixed soon, it’s kinda annoying when I rely on colors to move notes around :wink:

This is known, I would expect a fix soon.

ok thanks

I can confirm this bug, C9.5 on Windows 10

Confirm, Win10.
Compare with the same project in C9.03 (see attachments)

Since I am not that well versed in music theory, this is kind of an important thing for me. I need my “follow scale” / midi modifier adjust scale features. Not being able to rely on the displayed colours hinders me.

The Chord Track color coding is pretty useful even for those fairly well versed in theory. :wink: On a large monitor it can be hard to see what piano-key a note is aligned with - especially on the right side of the Window. I intend to use 9.0 for when I’m focused on writing. Hopefully this gets fixed in 9.5.10 & that happens soon.