C9 hidden features thread

Indeed. If only they had also 86’d the purple ‘looper’ on the top bar as well. I woulda payed $129.95. :smiley:

Noticed the other day on the file menu it says how long ago I last saved. Don’t remember seeing that before.?

  • Sidechain into VST3 instruments.
  • View frequency as piano notes on horizontal scale in Frequency EQ plug-in (click on ‘Show Piano’ button at lower left of curve display)
  • Show spectrum display as bar graph in Global Settings section of Frequency EQ plug-in.
  • New ‘Use Project Colors’ option in Preferences / Appearance / Colors / Editors
  • Right zone racks and MediaBay can now be dragged very narrow (when you need to maximise project window screen space)

Stationary cursor play mode… Might not be new but I didn’t know it was there…

This is not new.

Why this has an on off button i don’t know. Might as well always be on. Not like turning it off opens up more visualisation.

If that is the case the option to select it wasn’t where it is now. I loaded 8.5 to check, lol!

Double checked… Not new but the ability to select it in the follow song tab is new. With the addition of pause scrolling whilst editing.

No, you are in part correct.

Independent ‘page scroll’ or ‘stationary cursor’ per window is new.

Probably designed like this to avoid clutter for those who don’t need it.

New ‘Modern Mode’ in Maximizer plug-in with ‘recover’ and ‘release’ controls. High resolution Optimize dial (makes it slightly easier to set the value).

Autopan plug-in - complete update of GUI and addition of a number of parameters.

You can set up a loop in the Key Editor that is independent of the loop in the Project Window. This intuitively seems useful, but I’m having trouble imagining for what (note: this says more about my thinking capacity than the actual feature).

Hot spots have gone and are now replaced by a drop down menu
Being able to set up display groups in the lower pane mixer
Scalable instrument panel
Independent scrolling
Being able to use default editor colours in the lower pane

This is also not new. This feature is part of Cubase for long time, already.

Ah, so it is (after checking in 8.5). Still puzzled what it’s useful for.

Martin, the number of “this isn’t new” posts you are making indicates there might be a lot of cool but often unknown features lurking around in Cubase.

Emphasis on “kind of.” It retains its own settings, however if you click the “pop-out” button which moves it to a floating window, it actually opens MixConsole 1 and REPLACES its layout settings with those you had in the Lower Zone MixConsole.

So beware if you are used to having MixConsole 1 set up in a particular way.

I’d like to add… many what people are saying aren’t hidden. They’re clearly mentioned as improvements or shown in the videos. I’m interested in the changes that we haven’t been told about.

Got an FX channel tweaked to perfection?

Select it in the arranger view, right click it and select “Save Track Preset…”
Give it a name (ex: “Most insanely perfect slap delay”)
and store it for future recall!

To load a preset back into an FX channel, just create and empty FX channel.
Right click it and select “Load Track Preset…”

Your “Most insanely perfect slap delay”
is recalled in your next Top 100 Hit mix !

Not a new feature, if I’m understanding you correctly. I’ve used Track Presets regularly since at least v6.5.