C9 hidden features thread

I thought I would start this fresh thread, for those that wish to share new discoveries about unpublished C9 improvements. Could we keep it to that rather than likes/dislikes. For which there are many other threads.

Share the knowledge!

To get us started here is a list of what we know is included, from the PR.

• Lower Zone
• Sampler Track
• “Frequency” a new eq
• Overhauled plug-in GUIs speed up workflow.
• 10 Marker Tracks
• Plug-in Sentinel protects your system against invalid plug-ins [new]
• 3,030 included instrument sounds
• Instrument rack is now resizable
• Recoloured editor (if you want that)

Here are a couple of things that might have passed you by…

1] The Lower Zone becomes much more powerful when you discover the “Inspector Editor”. Find this at the very bottom of the inspector as a tab. This is area blank until the lower zone displays an audio or MIDI track. When this happens, it displays your editors for the appropriate type of track. For example if you are in score editor you can chose a clef, if in audio editor you can see vari-audio.

2] There is a new function in score called rhythmic notation, found here at 8.00 minutes in

I hope you guys have more discoveries!


There is a new section in the Preferences > Scores > Editing:

  • Computer Keyboard Note Entry: Legato
    • disabled by default = the same behavior as it was in C8.5
    • enabled = Open Score Editor; Enable Compute Keyboard Input; Hold-down Alt modifier, insert a MIDI Note. Keep Alt down, use right-arrow to move your next note later (not the very next Grid value). Set the MIDI Pitch; Hit Enter. The 1st note length is extended up to the 2nd Note = legato.
  • Computer Keyboard Note Entry: Require Alt Key
    • enabled by default = the same behavior as it was in C8.5
    • disabled = You don’t have to hold down the Alt modifier to be able to insert MIDI Notes in the Score Editor. The Note is ready to be inserted immediately.
  • Computer Keyboard Note Entry: Use Virtual Keyboard Key
    • disabled by default = the same behavior as it was in C8.5
    • enabled = (Require Alt Key has to be disabled, to make it work) even if the Virtual Keyboard is hidden, you can use the QWERTY keyboard to insert a MIDI Notes. Q = C; W = D, etc. Same as it is on the Virtual Keyboard.

MixConsole in the LowerZone behaves like a 4th MixConsole, kind of.

When I start to use Visibility, MixConsole is open in the Lower Zone and no Sync Visibility of Project and MixConsole is enabled, the Visibility of the MixConsole in the lower zone is synced with the Project window anyway (without syncing!).

@ZeroZero, you forgot MixConsole History. A huge improvement!

You can now connect MIDI devices after Cubase has booted, so no need to reboot Cubase if you need to connect a MIDI device after Cubase has loaded.

New for Windows, it already worked on Mac before. But you are right, also a nice one!

Intelligent resizing + hiding and showing of Controller Lanes, while resizing the Key Editor (or other MIDI Editor) window.

‘Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors’ button in Lower Zone Key editor. Very good for visual synchronisation of editor and project window.

Left, Middle and Right zones of the Toolbar, and the lower-bar. Intelligent hiding/showing of tools, when horizontal resizing the window.

Record in Editor (in the MIDI editors) allows you to record immediately to the opened MIDI Editor, even if the MIDI Record Mode is set to New Parts.

Linear phase mode in each of the EQ modules in the Frequency plug-in (shown at the top left of each module, click to activate).

Activate Project button is present only, if multiple projects are open. And there is a new icon on the button.

Export Cycle Markers (overtaken from Nuendo).

Annoying window edge hover pop-up menu that was in 8.5 has been removed. More like a removed hidden feature but still noteworthy.

I knew you guys would dig things up. Is there anything else MIDI related?

And Stereo, L - R, and finally… M-S processing!! :smiley:

Anybody notice if they added my requested “Preview to Headphones” button to the Control Room panel or do I still have to check a box in Preferences?

Thanks for the information Martin.
Meanwhile I reported this behavior as a bug as I couldn’t leave any rest between notes, and I wasn’t aware of these new entries in the Preferences :confused:
Legato was enabled by default here.
So problem solved.

Useful thread ZeroZero :wink:

Ha … finally a ‘feature’, that would make me update …
Sadly not worth 100,- Teuros.

Please add this to the final 8.5 update !!


Ha … finally a ‘feature’, that would make me update …

Double Ha! Introducing a universally hated feature no one ever asked for into C8 that was so goddamn annoying that you’d do almost anything to get rid of it…like buying the next version. Brilliant marketing strategy.