C9 to inherit settings from 8.5

How do I achieve that the installation of Cubase 9 will inherit the settings from my previous installation of Cubase Pro 8? I tried to make the installation run as Administrator (Windows), but to no avail. It even asked me for the audio driver on start up. And none of the previous projects showed in recent, none of the template projects I’ve made showed…

I don’t want to set it up from scratch, that makes no sense whatsoever. There’s got to be a way to just upgrade to 9 without losing every setting.

Jana Persson
| Licenced Cubase user since #5, ten years ago.

This happened to me too. I ended up uninstalling C9 and then reinstalling. It worked the second time around (sort of. still had to redo my key commands). Maybe make sure that the “install for all users” option is checked. I don’t think I had that checked the first time.

I had to copy and paste the preferences from the app/roaming directory from my 8.5 install. I was able to get everything back in order for Cubase 9 this way including Control Room settings, external instruments and effects, all of my routings and templates and my instruments and effects categories.

So why not make this a part of the setup when installing the new version - point to the installed version of Cubase you wish to inherit settings from, or don’t if you need a clean installation.

Or is this dependent on some other issue? Maybe my (our) windows system is set up somehow differently? Because it seems some other users are indeed able to install 9 AND retain their settings from 8.5. If so, then I’d really like to know how it’s different, what causes the install not to inherit settings, so I can change it. As it is, it’s just befuddling.