Cadenza cueing advice

Hi there – I’m working on a multi-flow project for orchestra, in which one of the flows is a free time cadenza. I’d like to put in some cues for the orchestra so they know when it ends.

How would I best accomplish that? The cadenza is several minutes long, in free time, but the last two bars could be seen as measured…

Here’s a sample of what I’m dealing with just as an example (not the actual piece):

there’s another flow directly following this one, so the orchestra needs to know what the end of the cadenza looks like, and that the conductor will beat two bars of 3/4 at the end…

thank you!

I would add a snippet of the cadenza as a new flow, remove that new flow from the MA frame chain, and add it to the part master pages using a music frame. Should work pretty well.

The master page containing that snippet should be a new, custom master page that will need to be assigned to the appropriate page on the part layout using a Master Page change.

If any of that sounds like Klingon, let me know and I’ll explain further.

That’s slightly Klingon but … you know what? I bit the bullet and added a flute stave to the cadenza flow – here’s what the cued material came out like in the part:

magic isn’t it?

that seems to work well enough …
thank you, however, Dan!!

PS – part of the reason this cue above came out so clear is that the last two bars were measured. I tried to make cues for earlier parts of the unmeasured cadenza – a fragment from the first minute, a fragment from the second minute – and the notes came out fine, but there were no rests between the two unmeasured cadenza excerpts.

Below, two excerpts from the cadenza that are actually a good minute apart, back to back, without rests – the only tell here is that “Solo Vln” is reprinted when the second cue begins:

The other thing to mention is that any fermatas in the unmeasured cadenza didn’t carry over to the cued part. This is not a big deal, as unmeasured material is essentially free (and therefore fermata) by default, but it could be nice to have for clarity.