Cadenza notation difficulties

Hi everybody,
I need to notate the following cadenza in Dorico. It obviously needs to happen with hidden tuplets and a few individual symbol fermatas but I’m stumbling over the (nested) sextuplets and can’t get Dorico to fit the music as seen into these two bars.

Any help how to achieve this would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

The 1st bar is simply a 15:4q tuplet. The 2nd is 40:11x followed by 5 normal semis.
Create the tuplet, and start entering notes (you will need to force duration the crotchets). When you reach a sextuplet, just enter it as normal ; 6:4
(Edit: Roughly as…


My first thought was to use hidden unmeasured time signatures and then use tuplets to extend the “whole notes” through the bars. If one really needs a common time sig at the start, I’d fake it with an expression or the like.

Not sure how easy that would be in practice, but that’s what I would try first.

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Thanks alot, worked like a charm. I tried to enter the passage straight and then “tupletify” it afterwards via insert mode which caused my troubles.

You can also type in the bar popover: C,15 before entering the notes and for bar 2 type: C,12 and enter a quintuplet for the last beat, hiding the number and the square bracket.

You know the much easier way to do this (IMO) is to just input the notes normally, make them cue sized, delete the unwanted barlines, and hide the resultant extra rests in the LH…

I’ve had to do a lot of this sort of thing in liturgical music, where the number of beats between staves isn’t the same visually.

There are no hidden tuplets here, just quarters and halfs with the stems removed, and rests hidden as needed.

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Right Dan! This is the real solution and the first advice Daniel gave me!

I wonder if this method also reliably works if you need to create individual parts in an orchestral score with this approach regarding bar numbering etc.

Yes, because when you delete the bar line, there is no longer an additional bar there.

I prefer (and use) @Janus’ method, because the whole notes do play the whole time the right hand plays… I don’t need to change the the note length in the key editor