Caesura and Fermata in the same space?

I’ve got three dotted halves in 3 consecutive bars. I’d like to put a fermata on each, and a caesura after the first two. When I add the caesura, the fermata disappears from the following note. And vice-versa when I put the fermata back.

How do I get both?

Does this make sense?

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Hmm. Kind of. I wonder if someone could provide a test file that has this done so I can pick it apart?

Here you go

Caesura:Fermata.dorico (416.7 KB)

Note: the fermatas are on beat 1 and the caesuras are on the last eighth note of the previous bar. This is because my rhythmic grid was set to eighth notes and I navigated back once from beat 1 during note input.

Or, attach yours and I will do for you?

Thanks! I’ll let you know if I can’t understand it.

Ok…this was easy. Just went an 8th back like you did. Thanks!