Caesura and Fermata in the same space?

I’ve got three dotted halves in 3 consecutive bars. I’d like to put a fermata on each, and a caesura after the first two. When I add the caesura, the fermata disappears from the following note. And vice-versa when I put the fermata back.

How do I get both?

Does this make sense?

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Hmm. Kind of. I wonder if someone could provide a test file that has this done so I can pick it apart?

Here you go

Caesura:Fermata.dorico (416.7 KB)

Note: the fermatas are on beat 1 and the caesuras are on the last eighth note of the previous bar. This is because my rhythmic grid was set to eighth notes and I navigated back once from beat 1 during note input.

Or, attach yours and I will do for you?

Thanks! I’ll let you know if I can’t understand it.

Ok…this was easy. Just went an 8th back like you did. Thanks!

I just want to add to this that if you are working on an ensemble piece that includes parts resting prior to the beat 1 caesura/fermata issue, moving the caesura backwards on the grid will break multimeasure rests preceding it. The solution, very similar, appears to be to move the fermata FORWARD slightly, and then attach the caesura to beat 1