In vocal and wind music, I’m used to seeing a caesura as a little apostrophe sign that sits to the right of the note. But when I look it up in Dorico help, I see a collection of symbols I have never encountered anywhere.

Also I can’t find the little apostrophe-type caesura anywhere. Does it exist in Dorico? And where is it to be found?

In the right icon list it is under the fermata sign as a breath mark.
You can also use the shift-H popover and enter ‘comma’.

Thanks to you both

I would be interested if there is a breath mark/comma like the „Short caesura“ - but with only one stroke.
I would regard that version as a default or standard, as I came across it quite often.

The SMuFL definition does have a single stroke caesura as a stylistic alternate, (at the bottom of this page), which may have been added because I requested it years ago… Unfortunately, Dorico ignores it. I would welcome an engraving option that includes it, or an extra option for it in the Caesura Appearance menu in the property panel.
I think the only way to use it right now would be to copy this glyph from the SMuFL site and paste it into a staff text object. Be sure to assign font Bravura Text (24pt looks about right), and nudge the thing in Engrave mode. Or turn it into a custom playing technique.

Pjotr, does inputting „caesuraSingleStroke“ into the Hold-Popover (Shift-H) give you a result? I am not in front of my computer now…
I would love a vertical single stroke (like a part of shortCaesura).

Tried it: the shift-H popover recognises Caesura, CaesuraThick, CaesuraCurved, and CaesuraShort (not case-sensitive), and problably others, corresponding to all double-stroke alternatives in the property panel, but not CaesuraSingle etc. In fact, anything you type in the popover that contains ‘caesura’ will default to the standard thin straight double stroke, even ‘CaesuraBlaBlaBla’. :astonished:
I think I actually like it that Dorico at least tries to make sense of my input by discarding the nonsensical parts. :slight_smile:

Thank you Pjotr for your efforts.
I think I will set up a playing technique in the mean time.

k_b, you can (ab)use an articulation mark for that. Go to “Engrave - Music Symbols - Holds and Pauses”, choose a symbol that you will never use (e.g. breathmarktick), delete the symbol and replace it with a glyph from Bravura - Articulation, e.g. Staccatissimo stroke above.