Caffeine may reduce tinnitus risk - new study

I drink lots, but still have it in my left ear.

Maybe I should just pour it directly in the left ear canal! :smiley:

Lol could be the next big thing.
my hearing may stay intact then with the amount i drink. thing what amazes me is how they got all those woman to remain in a survey for 18 years .free coffee maybe.

Caffeine is healthy anyway. It was a lie invented by cultural pessimistic people when coffee came to Europe that caffeine is not healthy.

Actually you live a lot longer when you drink moderate amounts of coffee or tea.

Moderate amounts. Not 5 liters, but a few nice cups spread over the day.

I use it to wake up in the morning and in the evening I use it to sleep. And when I wake up in the middle of the night and have problems falling asleep again (happens seldomly, but still…) I also drink coffee and I can sleep like a baby.

It’s magic. When I want to be wide awake, I drink coffee. When I want to sleep I drink coffee. It seems to totally do what I want it to do.

Aloha guys, and kool topic.

Before developing cancer (six years ago) I only used coffee as a drug.
What I mean is, all I had to do was smell it and I was ‘up’ for hours.

So I would only use it when driving home late at night from a gig.
It worked great to help me to stay awake. Other than that, never touched it.

Since surviving the cancer I now do exactly what Chris mentioned:

Moderate amounts. Not 5 liters, but a few nice cups spread over the day.

I still get my cancer check-ups once a year and so far so good. (thank God)
No proof but in my heart I too believe the coffee has something ‘magic’ going on.

I am ‘sipping’ Hawaiian Kona coffee as I write this.

Oh Yeah, and it ‘goes right thru me’!

Tea is also very kool. Orange tasting ‘Constant Comment’ is my fav. :slight_smile:


Right on Curteye! Hope it stays away. :slight_smile:

An irony is that caffeine can increase the tinnitus due to its stimulant effect, and decrease it due (in part?) to its vasodilator effect. It’s my wonder drug, and I would not want to live without it. :slight_smile: Though I haven’t noticed it decreasing the tinnitus.

Also, it helps cure headaches– it’s one of the active ingredients in Exedrin- the acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine cócktail-in-a-pill.

Beethoven was obsessed with coffee and the new piano e forte technology of the day .
Vienna was the coffee capital of Europe at the time .

He went deaf.

It also appears to have significant mental health benefits too…

There was quite a large study undertaken in the late 1980’s i believe here in the UK involving Nursing staff, From what i remember the sample group was in at least the thousands so it was a fairly high quality group for statistical analysis.
There was found to be a correlation between specifically MODERATE coffee consumption and reduced incidences of depression, other caffinated drinks seemed to offer no ‘benefits’… could coffee drinkers have different personality traits or is something ‘else’ at work?.. would be interesting if someone were to do some follow up… mind you big pharma makes too much money from throwing pills at people at great expense so…

Oh and too much caffeine can raise heart rate and blood pressure fairly significantly so could actually CAUSE tinnitus in some cases.

Great point.

So the trick seems to be, (as with so many things in life) avoid the ‘obsession’.

If you have ever tried to give up caffein,one of the side effects or withdrawal symptoms is headaches ,i`ve tried twice for no special reason and both times i had a splitting a head ache for a exactly a week, then it was gone .headaches can start approx in 12 hours if you go without caffeine, it is more addictive than some people would think .

Big fan of coffee & tea…for the buzz & taste, hot & iced versions… As a teen, I used to have a cup of coffee, drink a beer and take a hit of pot, then play my guitar for hours until the ‘fueled’ inspiration ran out…then do it again. I couldn’t do that anymore!

The time has come where I can’t handle too much caffeine anymore …1 big cup & I’m fire up, 2 cups I’m way too anxious, 3 big cups will send me into a full blown panic attack with chest pains :open_mouth:

Moderation :exclamation:

Yes, “moderation” is the magic word here. :slight_smile:


I’ve always found it makes my tinnitus worse, maybe I’m drinking it wrong lol! :mrgreen:

This may help…

There are quite a few different causes of tinnitus… physical trauma, high spl damage, high blood pressure and also Temporomandibular joint dysfunction as i know from personal experience… so the caffeine ‘cure’ could possibly depend on the cause of the tinnitus…in mho

Ginko and Brahmi should do the trick or in the least help the tinitus sufferer.

bad mixs irritate my tinnitus ,pointy spiky frequencies prodding around in my ears ,i used to suffer from it all the time with my mixes ,but lately it seems to be calming down ,my mixes must be improving. then ill go have a coffee.

Naw, it will just pour out on the other side!

Or so they say … :open_mouth: :blush:

Hmm, I was wondering why the tinnitus in the left ear seemed to come with its own reverb effect … you nailed it!

I’ve posted a link to an impulse response I made!


Take some herbs, the Chinese and indians have been doing it for centuries; problems solved.