Cakewalk Sonar killed off by Gibson

Maybe it would be a good idea for Steinberg to give Sonar refugees a crossgrade discount, similar to what they did when Bias Peak went boom?

EDIT: Steinberg will be offering crossgrades worldwide:

Hahaha! We create a topic about it almost at the same time!

Let’s keep this in one thread then, shall we? :wink:

We do offer crossgrades and that includes Sonar:

This seems to be only available to european customers though (had to use a proxy to check), which kinda makes it pointless since like 95% of all Sonar users are american. I think it would be a good idea to enable crossgrades for US/Canada customers and advertise it.

Sure! No problem.

Better act quickly. Presonus is already looking into cashing in:

They always do :mrgreen:

But on a more serious note, I really feel sorry for the employees affected by that decision to cease development after all these years in the market.

Gibson has bigger problem than this… A $520 millon debt. They can’t buy anything, just sell or shut down. And yes, a tragedy for all those employees affected.

I second this.

If Microsoft did step in and bought it, sort of like Apple did with Logic, then I think it could benefit everyone.
Microsoft would have to keep the OS, daw “friendly” more than ever, and gain some Cool Factor :wink:

Steinberg has decided to offer all Cakewalk Sonar Platinum and Professional customers a dedicated 50% off welcome offer on Cubase Pro.

The crossgrade is available for a limited time at participating retailers worldwide. In Europe the crossgrade is already available today in the Steinberg Online Shop. European retailers will offer the crossgrade from Friday on. Due to Thanksgiving the crossgrade will be available in the US next week at Sweetwater and many other retailers.

Please spread the word…

Nice call for offering this.

Will Steinburg offer a crossgrade from sonar platinum to artist??

The crossgrade is for the Cubase Pro only. Cubase Pro will do almost everything Sonar did along many other things that Sonar couldn’t do at all.

Hi fellow Cubase users. New user here, thanks to Gibson and a generous crossgrade from Cubase. A great Hangout session today but it was 4am in Australia.
It won’t be long and the bus from Cakewalk will be along bringing refugees looking for a cool place to hangout. After 25 years of Cakewalk I figure there’ll be a steep learning curve but I’m looking forward to it. So hello Steinberg.

Welcome, Mudgel!

Hi all, nice to Mike V’s post. I’m a Sonar refugee too. I’ve just received the crossgrade box, and also the media box, and I’m looking forwards to the journey. Over the past few days I’ve been acclimatising myself on AI8 that came with my UR22. Now for the serious stuff!! No doubt I’ll be back asking some embarrassing, naive noobie questions, so be kind to your new colleagues.


And welcome, Jerry!

Maybe we should start a thread just for welcoming Sonar refugees. My personal DAW journey started with Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 back in 1999. I jumped ship to Cubase in 2002 when SX was released and haven’t looked back since.