Calculating loop tempo?

Hi Guys
I’ve never really used Loops and any of their associated tricks before, and I have no idea how ‘hitpoints’ etc. work. With that in mind, what I want to do, which I should think would be reasonably simple is this:

  1. Import an audio file of undetermined length and tempo
  2. Select a piece of it, not necessarily from the very beginning of the file (ie. 8 bars of drums)
  3. Tell Cubase that the selection I just made is exactly 8 bars long, and then have it calculate the tempo of the loop and make that the tempo of the project. From there, the ability to move the project tempo up and down and have the same happen for the loop would be ideal (using musical mode??)

I’ve read through the manual (Cubase 5) and when I try it’s suggestions in Tutorial 8 - Editing audio II- tempo and groove, weird things happen like little speeds ups and slow downs within the selection, and I still haven’t ended up with something that is 8 bars long in the Project window that can then be simply looped.

I’m not asking too much am i?

Firstly, I would slice the 8 bar event for the loop. Then I would go to audio/advanced/set tempo from event or stretch to project tempo. If it does not establish a smooth run, then you will have to deal with time stretch or hitpoints.

One of your hitpoint options would be audio/hitpoints/create audio slices from hitpoints. If you don’t want to slice at every hitpoint, then just click calculate hitpoints.
It’s pretty simple. Just run your click track and match the moveable hitpoints to the beats of your loop that would correspond with the tempo.

After you’ve established your loop in time, then you will be able to change it’s tempo by making sure it’s in musical mode. I have found that you can’t deviate too far + or - from your originally set tempo without creating some artifacts.