Hi all,

Long time Cubase user. I have just upgraded to C9 & I am unable to find Production Grooves or Caleiedoscope.

Could anyone point me int he right direction please?


Hi fatjac,

Open up the MediaBay and you will see everything in the VST Sound folder!

Kind regards

James Colah

Caleidoscope is used with the new Sampler Track. Production Grooves is a Groove Agent SE 4 expansion.

Thanks both. Yes I have tried the media bay, sampler track & GASE4 but to no avail!

No files found anywhere for either of these…

Puzzled…what else am I missing?

Has it installed properly?


If they’re missing all here I think you should reinstall C9 from the full installer downloadable from your Steinberg Account.

Should be at Right Zone>Mediabay>Home>Loops and Samples (production grooves is also visible here but a bit lower down the line)

Mediabay (F5 on windows)

Production Groove also in GASE Load Preset. (or the Load tab on the full GA)

Thanks for the detailed pictures. Much appreciated.

I don’t see any of those despite a brand new install of C9.

I’ll try another re install…

I installed Cubase 9 on another computer and also found them not to show.
I solved by opening the F5 Mediabay, on the left at “Define Locations” the folders were visible but not showing content.
Rightclick per folder in the “VST Sound” tree and “Rescan Disc”, they immediately appeared.

Closing en reopening Cubase after made them also visible in the Right Zone Mediabay.
The 12 Right Zone VST Sound-kits visible in the screenshot are all part of the Cubase 9 installation.