"Call Track" or "Attached Track" Suggestion.

Suggestion: Two versions of what is, more or less, the same concept.

Option 1: “Attached Track” (Feature)

Make it possible for any or all of the “business tracks” (Chord Track, Arranger Track, Active Marker Track, Tempo Track, Signature Track) or other tracks to be selectively “attached” to the Track Selected in the Project Window.

Use Example/Workflow Improvement (Benefit):

  • A. Chord Track is “attached” to Track Selection Position. Thus, when a Track is Selected in the Project Window, the Chord Track (or other) is automatically placed Immediately Above the Selected Track.

We’d like to be able to choose which of the “Business Tracks” or other Tracks are “attached” to the Track Selection. The “attachment” should be able to be turned off and tracks that were “attached” would return to their original locations in the Track List.

B. Helpful for Editing and Arranging related musical events, elements, as well.

Option 2: "Call Track (Feature)"

Use Example/Workflow Improvement (Benefit):

Working in the midst of a set of tracks, the User may “click” on (or GR invoke) the “Call Track Icon/Function” (hypothetical) and whatever track is “called” it is placed immediately above the selected track. After recording/editing, the user may select “Uncall” and the track is moved back to its original position in the Project.


  • A. Ability to “call” and “Uncall” the Chord Track (or any of the “business tracks” or any other track or perhaps even multiple tracks) to a position immediately above the selected track.

B. Improved Recording and Editing of parts that reside in different sections of a Project.

This is likely a “big ask” but I think it’s a good concept.

Thanks Steinberg.

Best regards,