Calling all guitarists

Jam Origins MIDI Guitar app has just been updated to version 2 and works great with Cubasis. This is truely an amazing little app with practically zero latency and the tracking is great, even for players with a ‘sloppy’ technique such as myself :cry:

I can’t believe this app cost me less than it would cost for a couple of beers and it works so much better than all the MIDI guitar hardware solutions I’ve spent a fortune on over the years.

I agree, this app is remarkable for what it does, not perfect but useable.
Works well with Cubasis instruments but cannot get it to work with Sampletank.
I’ve tried all sorts of things, bought midi bridge etc.
Searching the net reveals IK has many probs with this, if anyone here knows how to get it to work let me know.
Hopefully Steinberg will come out with some high quality IAP instruments some time and make Sampletank redundant. :wink:


Comparing this to a 1980s casio pg380 or a early 2004 iGuitar and the Godin synth access series, it really is very nice and tracks well. Those technologies are from years back and were costly. I am hoping the PC VSTi version develops as they intend. Price wise…not bad at all and looks to perform reliably and with minimal setup

In another section of the forum which I can’t locate again, someone recommended the Fishman wireless midi controller. I saw the video demo and would tell any guitar player interested to check that out. It just looks terrific

The Fishman does look good and is supposed to work fine with the iPad. I’ve heard that the UK won’t see it until June at least and its also looking like it may be quite expensive when it does eventually arrive. It’s sounding like the price may be due mostly to the bundled software, which to be honest, I really don’t need. So hopefully there should be plenty of user reviews by the time I can get my hands on one if I feel its worth the money.

I’m still getting the odd ghost note etc from the MIDI Guitar app, but fortunately, editing MIDI in Cubasis is easy and pain free. I’ve got the VST version of MIDI guitar also and its working great with Cubase on the laptop too.

On second impressions, Midi Guitar is still not quite up to the task, too many missed notes in chords,and I think my playing is quite clean. Very good with mono though. I have a Fishman triple play on order, I’m hoping it will be the holy grail of pitch to midi.


I heard from tech at Fishman they are shipping this week but two places I looked into claim May 3 release. Still seems like $400.00. The demo makes it look really nice but then I guess that’s their job to do so

Let us know how you get on with the Triple Play when you get it. One thing it has that makes it look great is setting up different zones where you can assign different sounds.

Got an email this morning from Fishman that the Triple Play has shipped. Looking forward to this