Calling all mousemen (&ladies)


I have been updating my old skool mouse clicking skills for the Key Editor and found that with 8.5 the simple pointer (no need to select the draw tool) the mouse and alt and ctrl keys, you can do all you really need, to enter a note.

Trouble is my keyboard is rarely on my lap as sit at a piano keyboard - but read on…


I was thinking can I get a mouse with an alt and controller key?

If you had two additional side buttons, mapped to alt and cntrl keys, with one hand you could - In key editor - when entering a new note, (the tool behaviour vanished for reselecting old notes)

You could:

Enter a note
Make it any length
Move its pitch
Move it anywhere

Single handed!

Second item on this video:

All with the mouse

All with one hand!

That’s IF you have a mouse with three extra buttons mappable to shift, alt and cntrl keys.

I think such things exist?



there is this: but its got way too many buttons for me:

and there is this generic mapping software

I bet some of you gamers are ahead of me here…

this might be my baby: TeckNet RAPTOR Prime 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse, 8 Buttons, 4000dPI, 500Hz Return Rate, Nano Receiver

I use one of those gaming mice with I think 18 keys on it. Just map them to what you want, keystrokes or combinations of keystrokes. Works great, but I have to say I mostly use them for modifier keys like Shift, Alt, Ctrl.
I kan have 3 profiles I can switch between.
There is a newer model of it, Logitech G600 MMO mouse.
Only negative I can say is that it is a bit clunky/big

I did a few review sites and opted for one of these,

Warning: Amazon is bouncing people into Amazon Prime, after trial membership this costs every month - even if you don’t use it.

Paekae did you set up any other mouse buttons for Cubase? Interested here.

Trying to improve workflow.

Well I have some of the tools on keys, and something I have lately used a lot is I have the left tilt set to “G” and right tilt to “H”
By tilt I mean the mouse wheel tilt. Combined with the shift key (that is also mapped to a mouse key) it is very intuitive to zoom in and out.
I have to admit that more often use the qwerty keyboard, I have one of those that are color coded and labeled for Cubase/Nuendo use.

I use the previous version of this one
Like it.

Can thoroughly recommend ‘Redragon Perdition’, does macros.

Well, you don’t need any modifier keys to do that, simply double click and hold the mouse button down. You can adjust it’s velocity also.

Here’s a long thread about mouses: