Calling for users of both Granulator and Padshop

Any Live/Granulator users that has gotten good results using Padshop as a sound design tool for percussive sounds?

I would be interested to hear how you tweak Padshop to get results similar to some of the presets in Granulator2. I can’t get close to presets like “Margaret” even when using the same sample in Padshop. It’s lacking punch, tone and space.

Anyone with this knowledge?

I have both, Padshop Pro & Granulator II. Even if there’s both granular synths, they indeed sound different in term of audio rendering. It’s difficult for me to really help you because I don’t use Padshop nor Granulator for drums or percussions, I use them just for pure soundscapes and drone oriented sounds. And this is exactly why I love Padshop, because it’s easy to make it sounds lush, very smooth and velvet. More than the Granulator, which to me tends to sound more sharp, spiky and fragmented if I can say, maybe that’s why you find that Padshop lacks of punch.

But I did a quick test with a percussion sound granulated in both, even if they sound a bit different I was still able to make the percussion sound granulated Padshop as punchy as the Granulator after few tweakings, it’s just a matter of setting & experimenting with the grain duration, speed and the grain numbers.

Thanks for replying. I guess it was the sharp and spiky sound I was trying to recreate with Padshop. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Padshop and it’s fantastic for pads and drones. However, I do also like the character of Granulator and was/is hoping to find a way to get that sound out of Padshop. Then I wouldn’t have to go back and forth between Cubase and Live.

I will continue experimenting with the grain settings, as you suggest.